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DSCN1946Orthodontics makes our patients feel good about seeing the dentist. They improve in their dressing and grooming as their teeth become straighter. Its a life changing event for most of them!

If there is only one other thing that you can do for your child besides giving him/ her an education, it has to be the assurance for her to smile confidently when she is an adult. A great smile breaks ice between strangers, and opens doors to many job opportunities. This has been proven in many studies. If you or your child has signs of malocclusion, please make an appointment with us to see what can be done to improve your smile. Orthodontic treatment is now a billion dollar industry in many countries. Now you can have a perfect smile even as an adult, with the introduction of Invisible Aligners (Invisalign), porcelain orthodontic brackets and many more procedures available to reconstruct your bite. A perfect smile is a right, not a privilege!

Below is an testament to what an amazing impact orthodontic treatment can achieve in a short duration of time. These photos demonstrate the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment to redesign your smile.

OrthodonticOrthodontic Treatment










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