Bruxism Splint

Stop grinding your teeth!

Most people do not realize that they grind their teeth when they sleep. The prevalence of bruxism is very high, up to 50 percent of the population. Some do it occasionally, some do it nightly. This is a phenomenon not well understood. Dentists believe it to be related to sleep disorders. Bruxers make noise when they sleep and wake up their partners at night, and have no control over this nocturnal habit. Teeth that are ground on every night become thinner, shorter, fillings crack or come off for no reason, the dentine will likely be exposed, and horizontal and vertical cracks will begin to appear. Radiographically you can see pulp stones forming in pulp chambers of teeth of patients with bruxism. Pulp stones are an indication of impending root canal treatment.

Bruxism causes expensive and tiring repeats of  your dental work. So if you believe you are a bruxer, please see us for a pair of custom made Clenching Inhibitor. It is a night guard comfortable enough for you to wear to sleep , to stop you from grinding and therefore protects your teeth when you sleep.

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