Paediatric Dentistry

Little ones need care too!

Children's dentistry, Fissure sealants, early intervention orthodontics.

Children nowadays are fortunate. They have the option of sealing the lines on their teeth to prevent tooth decay. No more ugly amalgams on their first molars. They can also go for topical fluoride treatment to prevent decay. Most importantly, orthodontic malocclusions like reverse bite, severe overjet, cross bite, deep bite, tongue thrusting, need early detection and treatment. Severe class 3 under bite/ reverse bite needs headgear treatment as early as possible to avoid the chances of surgical correction during early adulthood. Severe class 2 and tongue thrusting habits also need early intervention for best effect. Call us for an appointment not just for dental fillings for your child, but as a way to detect early malocclusion.

We also recommend children start on myofunctional appliance therapy during the mixed dentition stage to improve their teeth alignment. This will reduce the need for orthodontic treatment during their teenage years. Visit to find out more.