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Root Canal Treatment

If you ever have the misfortune of having a toothache, there is no longer a need for tooth extractions, provided that the gum is good. Dentists routinely perform root canal treatment now to save teeth. The "nerve" in the centre of the tooth and the roots are pulled out to render a tooth painless and therefore it can be restored and preserved. Root canal treatment usually requires multiple visits. Call us if there is an emergency!

Below are x-rays that demonstrate how root canal treatment works.






These x-rays (above) show root canal treament on an anterior tooth, in this instance an incisor.






These x-rays (above) show root canal treatment on an posterior tooth, in this instance a molar.

Root canal treatment is a painstaking process, and involves multiple visits and effort on your part, but you will surely appreciate its value when you complete the treatment. It is important that following treatment that we take extra precautionary measures to prevent futher treatment.

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