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Give yourself a treat this week, come in for a teeth whitening experience!
Philips Zoom One Hour Teeth Whitening. Painless way to have whiter, younger looking teeth.Effect lasts about 2-3 years. Call now for an appointment. 

OSSTEM implant system from Korea. A well designed implant system, suitable for many clinical situations. Platform switching design favoured by dentists currently. Visit

Orthodontic products from American Orthodontics.  Check out the latest self ligating porcelain brackets.
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Do you grind your teeth when you sleep?  Cracks and fracture lines start appearing on your teeth? An anti- clenching night guard is what you need!

Anti-snoring appliance ideal for patients with moderate sleep apnoea. Helps you get some precious sleep. This website to know more about MDSA appliance and other anti snoring devices.  Visit

Visit this website to know more about snoring and sleep apnoea, what its all about and what you can do about it

Crowns should never look fake to anyone! See what E MAX crowns can do for you!
Visit IPS Empress website www.makeitemax

Visit this website know more about what Malaysia has to offer. A well written website giving valuable tips on everything that is good in Malaysia!